Thanks to our Funding Partners

The Trustees would like to say a massive thank you to the Grants Committee of the Stratford Town Trust for the magnificent grant of £22,000 awarded towards the cost of refurbishing the stone porches at the Mary Newland's Almshouses. This gift, which has taken a great weight off our shoulders, is a one-off award in recognition of the heritage aspect of these almshouses.  

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Baron Davenports Charity

We would also like to record our thanks to the Trustees of the Baron Davenport's Charity (based in Birmingham), who have awarded a grant of £5,000 towards this project.  

As soon as the warmer spring weather arrives, we plan to proceed with the repairs to the porches and it will be wonderful to see these unique buildings restored to their former glory.

​Finally, many thanks to the Baron Davenport’s Charity for its additional support by way of the further generous gift of £4,000 towards the redecoration costs of the cottages belonging to the John Roberts Almshouse Charity.   It is such a comfort to know that we have friends not too far away who are so genuinely mindful of the almshouse ethos.